SimMobility: Freight

MIT Investigator(s): Moshe BEN-AKIVA, Christopher ZEGRAS and Joseph FERREIRA

Team Members:
  • Yifei XIEGraduate StudentMIT
  • Peiyu JINGPhD StudentMIT
  •   SMART
  • Andre ROMANO ALHOResearch ScientistSMART-FM
  • Takanori SAKAIPostdocSMART-FM
  • Yusuke HARA*PostdocSMART-FM
  • Cheng ChengPostdocSMART-FM
  • Wen Han CHONGSenior Software EngineerSMART-FM
  • Tan Thanh LE*Software EngineerSMART-FM
  • Zhiyuan CHUAResearch EngineerSMART-FM
  • Ming Hong Rayden CHUAResearch EngineerSMART-FM
  • Ernest GUOK*Research EngineerSMART-FM
  •   Collaborators
  • Lynette CHEAH Assoc. Prof.SUTD
  • Sumit SAKHUJAPostdocSUTD
  • Melvin TANResearch EngineerSUTD
  • June WAN*Research AssistantSUTD
  • Develop agent-based models for the movement of goods and materials in the urban environment. Commodities will be traced through their entire life cycle; from its production, its distribution through various channels and its consumption by an end-consumer, to its final disposal or recycling. All relevant transport and logistics choices will be simulated using behavioral models, estimated based on innovative data collection methods.