Technologies of Autonomy

MIT Investigator(s): Daniela RUS

Team Members:
  • Sertac KARAMANAffiliate InvestigatorMIT-AeroAstro
  • Alyssa PIERSONResearch ScientistMIT-CSAIL
  • Brandon ARAKIGraduate StudentMIT-CSAIL
  • Noam M BUCKMANGraduate StudentMIT-CSAIL
  • Wilko SCHARTIGGraduate StudentMIT-CSAIL
  • Tim SEYDEGraduate StudentMIT-CSAIL
  •   SMART
  • Hongliang GUOSenior PostdocSMART-FM
  • Zehui MENG*PostdocSMART-FM
  • Hao SUN*PostdocNUS
  • Xinrong LI*Research EngineerSMART-FM
  • Ketki CHAUDHARYSoftware EngineerSMART-FM
  • Zefan HUANGSoftware EngineerSMART-FM
  • Qi Heng HOResearch EngineerSMART-FM
  •   Collaborators
  • Javier Alonso MORAAsst. Prof.NUS
  • Marcelo ANGAssoc. Prof.NUS
  • David HSU Assoc. Prof.NUS
  • Gim Hee LEEAsst. Prof.NUS
  • Panpan CAI Research FellowNUS
  • Yechao BAI Graduate StudentNUS
  • Wei GAOGraduate StudentNUS
  • Peter KARKUSGraduate StudentNUS
  • Zhikai LIGraduate StudentNUS
  • Yuanfu LUOGraduate StudentNUS
  • Lyu Lu SHENGraduate StudentNUS
  • Assess and demonstrate the role of autonomy in mobility-on-demand and its impact in terms of feasibility, safety, and efficiency through modelling and simulation, algorithm development and experimental demonstration.

    Autonomy for Mobility on Demand
    • This project is a continuation of a very successful project conducted during FM1 and co-led by Prof. Daniela Rus and Prof. Emilio Frazzoli. We are developing a fleet of self-driving cars capable of navigation in complex natural environments, specifically at One North. The robots require several capabilities: building maps, localizing within the map, planning safe paths and avoiding static and dynamic obstacles. During this upcoming year we will instrument several additional vehicles, augment the existing fleet with better sensors, develop planning algorithms with longer look ahead, and improve the localization by feature matching algorithms. We will also conduct a number of trials with SCOT. Finally we will develop a personal mobility vehicle (a single person scooter) capable of autonomous navigation.