New Tools & Technologies

MIT Investigator(s): Christopher ZEGRAS

Team Members:
  • Yi J. WANGGraduate StudentMIT
  • Scott GILMAN Graduate StudentMIT
  •   SMART
  • Daniel PALENCIASoftware EngineerSMART-FM
  • SMART Investigator(s): Fang, ZHAO

    Team Members:
  • Tulika MITRAProfessorNUS
  • Mun Choon CHANAssoc. Prof.NUS
  • Weng-Fai WONGAssoc. Prof.NUS
  • Kartik SANKARANPostdocNUS
  • Flocktracker create a standalone platform, including surveyor and tracker capabilities, project builder, credential system, data visualization and survey monitoring capability; continue to promote deployment of the technology in a range of settings; finalize the analysis of its capability for walk auditing in Singapore; develop new collaborative uses in Singapore; seek spin-off opportunities.

    Most ITS systems today require the deployment of costly physical roadside infrastructure such as gantries, traffic signals, signs, and sensors embedded within the fixed transportation infrastructure. As a result, deployment and maintenance of ITS systems remains highly costly, and tends to be limited to selected regions rather than island-wide. Next-Generation Wearable(s) will comprise sufficient computing, networking, sensing hardware to enable the realization of truly infrastructure-less ITS, realized entirely with on-board or mobile devices/wearables.