Next-generation Traffic Control*

MIT Investigator(s): Emilio FRAZZOLI*

Team Members:
  • Prince SINGHPhD StudentMIT-Aero/Astro
  •   SMART
  • Nan XIAO*PostdocSMART-FM
  • Yitong LI*Senior Research EngineerSMART-FM
  • Develop an optimal vehicle traffic management system and the corresponding autonomous control mechanism so that the transportation infrastructure can support the maximum amount of traffic with minimal traffic congestion throughout the system. Such a system is likely to include mechanisms for traffic scheduling, routing, and flow control.

    Multi-Level Distributed Traffic Signal Control Module
    • This proposed project will focus on urban traffic control (UTC) system by investigating the implementation of vehicle telematics, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of Singapore’s urban traffic, the requirement from diverse demand of multi-modal transport system, and full utilisation of the provided multi-resolution traffic data by both conventional detection devices and vehicle telematics.
    • In particular, the focus of this project is the development of a multi-level distributed traffic signal control module to generate optimised traffic signals at both strategic and local level to fulfil the demand from the multi-modal transport system. A complementary public transport operation solution on top of the proposed signal control module is also to be developed to cope with the requirement of the promotion of public transport in Singapore. This focuses on public transport prioritisation, with regards to travel speed and regular headway in the context of frequent bus services.