Collaborating Faculty

Marcelo ANG

- Associate Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 2555

Research Interest: Man-Machine User Interface, Control of Dynamic Behavior of Robot Manipulators, Passive Compliance and Flexible Robots, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Control.

- Assistant Professor (SUTD)
    +65 6499 7166

Research Interest: Robotics, Fleet Management, Machine Learning and Algorithm Design.

David HSU
- Associate Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 2978

Research Interests: Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Gary TAN

- Associate Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 6276

Research Interests: Parallel and distributed computing, scheduling and load balancing, declarative multiprocessors, parallel and distributed (interactive) simulation and High Level Architecture.

Bryan LOW

- Assistant Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 4719

Research Interests: Gaussian Processes, Robotics, Multi-Agent Systems, Machine Learning and Computational Sustainability.

Melvyn SIM

- Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 6274

Research Interests: Decision making and Optimization under uncertainty with applications ranging from finance, healthcare, supply chain management to engineered systems.

Der Horng LEE

- Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 213

Container port operations, Transportation management and policy, Urban and regional transportation planning, Intelligent transportation systems, Urban mobility modeling and Data-driven transportation modeling.


- Associate Professor (NTU)
    +65 6790 5410

Research Interests: Bayesian statistics, iterative signal processing, and computational neuroscience.

Gim Hee LEE

- Assistant Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 2214

Research Interests: Micro-Aerial Vehicle and Self-Driving Car with a Multi-Camera System.


- Assistant Professor (SUTD)
    +65 6499 4516

Research Interests: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,Natural Language Processing.

Lynette CHEAH

- Associate Professor (SUTD)
    +65 6499 4740

Research Interests: Assessing the environmental impact of road transportation, Development and applications of life-cycle assessment (LCA) methods, Material and energy flow analysis in industrial systems

Keng Hua CHONG
- Associate Professor (SUTD)
    +65 6303 6672

Research Interests: Architecture and Sustainable Design and Practice, Urban Design Development, Historical, Theoretical and Critical Approaches to Architectural Design, People-Environment Studies

Mun Choon, CHAN
- Associate Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 7372

Research Interests: Smartphone Based Applications, Sensor Network Protocols, DTN Applications, Energy Efficient Protocol.

Tulika MITRA
- Professor (NUS)
    +65 6516 6839

Research Interests: design automation of embedded real-time systems, software timing analysis/optimizations, heterogeneous multi-cores, and energy-aware computing.

- Associate Professor (SMU)
    +65 6828 0519

Research Interests: Autonomous Agents, Multi-Agent Systems Learning, Adaptation Heuristic Search, Optimisation Urban Logistics, Transportation, Sustainability Planning and Scheduling Cognitive Computing, Decision Support Systems Intelligent Systems and Decision Analytics.