Geospatial ‘Big-Data’ Contributions to Urban Analytics and Urban Information

Date: January 17, 2020

Presenter: Prof. Joseph FERREIRA (MIT-DUSP)

Venue: The GeoHall @ GeoWorks, PSA Building, 460 Alexandra Road, #07-01 Singapore, 119963


Abstract: In an urban context, the terms ‘data science’ and ‘big data’ suggest real-time data processing to determine instantly who or what is where: for example, traffic monitoring and tracking people using GPS traces or smart city cameras with facial recognition technology. While these new forms of urban sensing can be quite useful (and controversial), their longer-term impact on urban planning and our understanding of urban activity patterns are not quite so direct. By overlaying urban traces with other information and aggregating the data spatially and temporally, it is possible to construct urban indicators that improve our understanding of urban activity patterns and the behavioral choices that motivate them. The talk will illustrate the possibilities using travel surveys, cellphone traces, and point-of-interest data combined with urban base maps and urban planning models.


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