August 29, 2019 – Integrated Land Use/Transport Modeling: Why an Agent-based Model Integration Matters

Date and Time: August 29, 2019 at 3pm

Presenter: Asst. Prof. Rolf Moeckel (TUM)

Venue: FM Collaboration Space @Level 9


Abstract: Transport analysis requires the representation of the interactions with land use. At the Technical University of Munich, the agent-based models SILO (land use), MITO (travel demand) and MATSim (traffic assignment) have been integrated to fully represent the land use/transport feedback cycle. Traditionally, this integration is implemented through travel time matrices (skims) and lists with population by zone. At TUM, a fully microscopic integration is under development. SILO agents are sent to the transport model for travel, and agents see individual travel times for an x/y coordinate origin-destination pair at a specific time of day. Initial tests have shown that the spatial and temporal aggregation of skim matrices come with a substantial aggregation bias, which can be overcome by this microscopic model integration.


Bio: Dr. Rolf Moeckel is an Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, where he leads a research group that focuses on travel behavior research and transport modeling. Previously, he worked as a PostDoc at the University of Maryland and as a transport consultant in New York City. He focuses on transport modeling, travel behavior research and land use modeling.