November 22, 2018 – SMART Scholars’ Presentation

Date: November 22, 2018

Time: 3pm (Singapore Time)

Presenter: Dr. Karina Hermawan (SMART-FM)

Supervisor: Prof. Chris ZEGRAS (MIT-DUSP)

Transportation Network Companies’ Impacts and Potential on Airport Access

Abstract 1: When Transportation Network Company (TNC) services first emerged, there was extensive discussion in the popular press and among academics about the benefits that these “shared” services would bring. TNC as a form of ground transportation to and from the airport in contrast, is less often studied or permitted. At Los Angeles International Airport for example, Uber and Lyft could not conduct pick-ups until about seven years after they were founded. TNC operations at airports are highly controversial, yet research on both airports and TNC’s rarely intersect.


Presenter: Dr. Mai Anh Tien (SMART-FM)

Supervisor: Prof. Patrick JAILLET (MIT-EECS)

Route choice modeling via Markov decision process?

Abstract 2: This talk concerns models used to identify which routes would be taken by a traveler to go from a specific location to another one in a transport network. Such models are important in many transportation applications, as they can be used to predict path choices or to assess travelers’ preferences of various route characteristics.

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