September 27, 2018 – Shared Mobility at FM: Preference, Analytics and Policies

FM Monthly Seminar

Date and Time: 27th September 2018, 11.30am

Venue: FM Collaboration Space @ Level 9

  • ■ Introduction: Shared Mobility Research Landscape [Prof. Jinhua Zhao]
  • ■ Relationship between ridesourcing and public transit [Dr. Hui Kong]
  • ■ Dynamic and robust repositioning to reduce lost demand in bike-sharing system [Dr. Supriyo Ghosh]
  • ■ Estimating savings in parking demand using shared vehicles [Dr. Daniel Kondor]
  • ■ Mobility sharing with time flexibility [Dr. Hongmou Zhang]
  • ■ Conclusion [Prof. Jinhua Zhao]

If you are interested to join this seminar, please contact: