June 12, 2018 – Transportation Network Flow Game: Proactive Planning under Adversarial Attacks

Date: June 12, 2018

Presenter: Dr Supriyo GHOSH (SMART-FM)

Supervisor: Prof. Patrick JAILLET (MIT-EECS)


Abstract: The increasing number of automated devices associated with intersection management (e.g., traffic light controllers) in urban transportation, has introduced new challenges related to security of transport network. A common scenario for such cyber-physical attacks in transportation is traffic light manipulation. An adversary can play with the traffic lights to either break one of the links completely (e.g., the traffic light for one particular road is fixed to red) or modify the capacity of the link (e.g., the duration of the green light for one particular direction is reduced) so as to disrupt the entire traffic network. In order to tackle such disruptions on transport network, I will present a two-player iterative game (between the administrator and the adversary, each solving an optimisation model) approach to design a robust traffic network flow model under malicious attacks.


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