June 07, 2016 – Longitudinal Speed Control of Autonomous Vehicle via Iterative Learning Control

last mile

Date: June 07, 2016
Presenter: Dr. ENG You Hong
Supervisor: Prof. Daniela RUS

Abstract: We start solving the first and last mile problem by providing the mobility-on-demand service using autonomous vehicle on a number of designated stations. As the vehicle will repeat the same route between stations many times, the vehicle should be able to learn to drive better from its past experiences. In this seminar, we discuss how the vehicle could learn to improve its speed control (control of brake and throttle to meet the desired speed) by executing the same route repetitively. We design the learning controller based on the iterative learning control framework and derive the condition for monotonic convergence. The learning controller is tested in both simulation and real experiments. The results show improvement of speed control over multiple runs on the same route. Furthermore, the resultant learning controller is robust against the initial condition of the route and the change in desired speed profile.