May 10, 2016 – SimMobility Freight: Modelling and Data Collection


Date: May 10, 2016
Presenter: Dr Andre ROMANO ALHO
Supervisor: Prof. Moshe BEN-AKIVA


SimMobility Freight will add urban freight vehicle modelling capabilities to SimMobility. This presentation will cover the implementation plans for the next year, contributing predominately to the Short-term module. SimMobility Freight developments will be focused on urban freight vehicle drivers’ behaviour during major en-route events, namely: adaptive routing, cruising, and parking. The proposed model is sensible to factors such as: congestion impact on tour performance, missed pickups/deliveries, required breaks, willingness to cruise, to pay for parking and to risk a fine, existing parking types, parking availability and feasible distances to carry goods. Data collection plans which will result in contributions to estimate the models will be described, particularly: freight parking observations, commodity flow tracking, vehicle tracking; and establishments/carriers/drivers’ interviews.